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The author of this course shows that God exists and has revealed Himself to men   today.  It is a short summary of what Christians believe and has helped many people to know God and to know Him better.

Published in Salvation

God gave King Solomon great wisdom and the Holy Spirit has given us Solomon’s wise sayings in the Book of Proverbs. The heart of man does not really change from age to age so this wisdom is very useful to us today.

The bigger part of the Bible book consists of over 500 proverbs, which are short wise sayings, most of them written by Solomon. In this book, The Kings Wisdom, we have put each proverb together with others teaching the same subject. For example, there are five proverbs from different parts of the book about Flattery, Section A14, page 53. You might be able to find other proverbs about this matter and so learn all that Solomon taught on this subject.

Published in Old Testament

Once you have been born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, this course explains what the Bible teaches about baptism, which is the next step to conversion.

Published in Bible Doctrine

A basic course showing the Scripture’s teaching about Itself, God, Man, Salvation, Prayer and Bible Reading, and Church Fellowship and Witnessing.

Published in Christian Living

Jesus . . . the world has never known anyone like Him. He said He was the “Bread of life” and He illustrated it by feeding thousands of people with five small loaves and two fish. He said He was the “Light of the world” and He illustrated it by giving sight to a man blind from birth. He said He was the “Resurrection and the Life” and He illustrated it by raising people to life and by coming back Himself from the grave. Truly, there’s no one like Him in the whole universe.

Published in Children and Youth

Each of the lessons in this course starts with a Bible verse and then asks and answers questions about the verse and the information it gives. Through this question and answer format, you will learn about the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, sin, and how to be saved. The format is helpful in memorizing the verses used in each lesson.

Published in Children and Youth

The story of Jesus Christ is a unique one because He is unique. No one else has ever been virgin-born. No one else could ever have paid for the sin of mankind by his death. No one else has risen from the dead, never to die again. No one else will ever reign as King over the whole earth.


Published in Children and Youth

Genesis is the book of beginnings. In Genesis, we read of the creation of the world, the fall of mankind into sin, the promise of a Savior, and the spread of man over the earth. We are introduced to Abraham and follow his family as they live in Canaan and then move to Egypt. Understanding the book of Genesis gives a good basis for understanding the rest of the Bible and God's plan to provide salvation for us from the penalty of sin.


Published in Children and Youth

God has a plan for creation, for men and women, for the nations, for Israel, for the Church, for the lost, for the saved, and for you as well. Discover these plans in this straightforward survey of the Bible.

Starting in Genesis and covering the whole history of His dealings with this world and its people, A Journey Through the Bible traces God’s plans for the ages, the world, and for each of us.

Published in Bible Survey

The Lord’s Supper, also known as Communion or the Eucharist, was given to us by the Lord Jesus Himself. “This do,” He said, “in remembrance of Me.” This study will help you to learn more about this memorial feast and make it more precious to you.

Published in Bible Doctrine
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