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Personal Evangelism

Every time we meet Andrew in the New Testament, he is pointing someone to Christ. The first time we see him as a personal worker, bringing his own brother Simon to the Savior (John 1:40,41). What a great day in the annals of Heaven! The second time we see him he is doing children’s evangelism and is bringing a boy to the Lord Jesus (John 6:8,9). The third time he is engaged in a foreign missionary work and is introducing certain Greeks to the Master (John 12:20-23). On each occasion, Andrew is engaged in personal evangelism.

This course is designed to help you equip yourself for the greatest of all ministries, that of bringing men and woman, boys and girls to Christ. Many scripture references are given to help the student and in each lesson eight verses are given to be memorized. This course will help you be prepared to share your faith.

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